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One Colorado celebrated spring with a neighborly Spring Swing Social, inviting folks and friends to hang out in the courtyard, play Ping Pong and board games, get brain freezes with Peddler’s Creamery bike-churned ice cream and have their faces painted (for the littles ones of course). We also had a groovy “Conversation Corner” lounge area complete with “conversation starters”, which proved to be hilarious, earnest and revealing fodder for chats amongst friends and strangers alike. Later in the evening we offered swing lessons with the Stevens Sisters of Pasadena Ballroom Dance (way cute) followed by live music with The Leftover Cuties (way good).

One Colorado’s May “Early Bird BINGO Date Night invited sweeties and singles to come get their Bingo on whilst sipping artisan cocktails, chomping on churros and being photo op posers. We set the mood with romantic DJ’ed tunes, The Spare Room served up themed cocktails and we had too cute photo ops to socially show off the love. Legendary Bingo’s sassy Bingo Boy called the games as well as inaugurated our King and Queen of Bingo, HRH Charlotte Miles and HRH Dan Lacey, who sat at their own royal table, drank wine from (cheap plastic) goblets, regally noshed on Ye Trader Joe’s snacks, all whist presiding over the Bingo proceedings. Bingo Boy also had them call a game, and it turns out King Dan is particularly hammy. (A portion of the event ticket proceeds benefited Pasadena Education Foundation.)