cop.copine Paris

cop.copine Paris

With lines inspired by artisan palettes and gestures, this womens' apparel store offers cutting edge and urban style to the independent woman.

With their 14-15 season inspired by artisan palettes, lines and gestures, the Cop. Copine Paris collections offer unmistakable, cutting edge and urban style to the independent woman. A 30-year old French fashion cult favorite, nearly all of Cop. Copine’s design and manufacturing process is done in Europe. With careful attention given to detail and choice of fabrics, Cop. Copine’s lines are of exceptional quality, offering easy-to-personalize pieces with subtle details and varied textures in chic separates, knits, dresses and coats.

Cop. Copine arrives in the U.S. by way of one woman’s vision. A medical professional, entrepreneur, humanitarian, artist and visionary, she believes a woman can be great at her profession without having to compromise her personal self-expression, “whether through fashion or the gentleness of her spirit.” As a dedicated customer of Cop. Copine Paris for nearly 15 years, it was her vision to provide women in the US the same access to the sophisticated collections offered by Cop. Copine Paris.

In keeping with the uniqueness of the brand and the curated, artisan appeal of its collections, along with their ideal of no mass production, Cop. Copine has only limited stores in major US cities. Cop. Copine opened its first stand-alone boutique at the prestigious Union Square location in San Francisco in August 2009. Chicago became the second host city in April 2011.

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