The Soap Kitchen

The Soap Kitchen

All natural artisanal soaps free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives handmade in-house.

Where can you be pampered, nourished, relaxed, soothed and luxuriated? At The Soap Kitchen! The Soap Kitchen’s mission is to provide healthy and green alternatives to mass-produced, commercial soaps, shampoos and bathing products free from synthetic fragrances, colors and preservatives. Olive oil or Shea Butter-based soaps come in an exhilarating array of fragrances from the traditional relaxing lavenders and calming calendulas, to more exotic offerings such as Kahlua Coffee, Orange Clove and Cinnamon Spice and the limited-edition Cornusoapia, known as a “metabolism booster.” A Soap Kitchen house favorite is the warming and balancing Shea Butter soap “California’s Gold,” which was highlighted by LA’s favorite son, Huell Howser on his Visiting with Huell Howser. The Soap Kitchen’s products have also been the subject of editorials in the LA Times Magazine and Los Angeles Magazine.

“By refining and modernizing age-old methods, we have committed to preserving the earth, the animals and the environment, one handmade bar at a time.” Founded in 2004 in Old Pasadena, what’s most impressive about The Soap Kitchen store, besides its heavenly goods and mood-altering smells, is its unwavering allegiance to the integrity of all its pure, additive-free products. Everything is created on site by The Soap Kitchen’s owner Dali who generously shares her extensive knowledge about the positive effect and properties of each essence, scent and essential oil. This family-run business is not only a charming part of the neighborhood, but one that certainly brings with it good vibes and great scents.

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