A Family Day curated by Celeste Wright

A Family Day curated by Celeste Wright

If there’s one thing we love at One Colorado, it’s our family focused shops and events. We asked Pasadena local, Celeste Wright to share her favorite spots and things to do with her husband and sweet daughter, Lila.

I love One Colorado for so many reasons, but the biggest reason of all is that I get to unbuckle my toddler from her stroller and let her stretch her legs. I’ve been bringing her since she was baby that was taking wobbly steps. In fact in might be our most frequented spot in town. And the fox has a special place in our heart. We call him Johan. — have you named the fox?

Our first stop is always the candy shop. My poor husband has two children the second we walk by Sugarfina. All the pretty colors, the clean display, the perfectly tiny candy treats. It gets me every time. I totally turn into a kid in there. Lila knows the drill and will go straight to the counter and politely ask for a sample. After we get our treats we hang out outside their doors for a bit mesmerized by the giant sculpture. I don’t mind one bit because I’m in candy heaven.

When I said we came here a lot, you probably didn’t believe me. Some days we come here for lunch, go home, and then come back for dinner. Yeah we are kinda obsessed with One Colorado. After dinner Lila gets ice cream at Sage, because kid scoops are too cute to pass up!

Our top 5 picks at One Colorado are:
+ Sugarfina, candy emporium
+ Sage Vegan Bistro
+ iPic, my absolute fav movie theater!
+ Anthropologie
+ Il Fornaio, you’ll find us at the to go counter

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