Hooray! Kids events are the best!

Hooray! Kids events are the best!

With Bob Baker Marionette Theater and other pals like Christopher T. Magic, Obediah Thomas… there have been hoots, hollers and general glee filling the courtyard. The crowds have been huge and happy. And we still have lots coming up, like the irresistible Peanut and the magic of Puppets and Players! We sure hope you get a chance to come by and play!


And don’t forget to mark your calendars for our September 28 screening of The Wizard of Oz! There’ll be lion, tigers and bears – oh my! And Sugarfina, and popcorn from iPic!

And while we have you:

We’ll be bringing you even more kids event next year, so if you have some local favorite kids’ performers, send ‘em our way! We want to bring you what you love, so share with us! Please email your performer faves to info@onecolorado.com, with Kids’ Perform in the subject line. We thank you and look forward to seeing you soon!