Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

Start the day unwinding at Burke Williams Spa and then get pretty at Bokaos Aveda, because nothing is better than a blow out.

And now that you look relaxed and gorgeous, go show your bad self off patio side at Sushi Roku. Their seared albacore and sake make the perfect me-for-me lunch.

Since we all enjoy the finer (and soft) things in life, pick up some cashmere sweaters at Vince for those chilly summer nights. You may also might just need the perfect accent piece from Place Vendome.

We’re also all about self-care everyday, so before you leave One Colorado pick up a face mask (or two) from Sephora to bring the pampering home. Then maybe swing by Everson Royce to grab a cold bottle of rosè, just to keep the chillaxation chill.